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We offer a unique eye-catching mobile catering experience for your events, you will see that we are not your usual food vendor just offering burgers, from our high spec bespoke built vehicle to our gourmet themed burgers, we deliver an exceptional experience for your event, as a proud family run business we take pride in servicing your events.

Our setup means we can deliver hot great tasting food efficiently, serving a heavy footfall if there are time restrictions for food at your event, with our efficient square point of sale we can take both card and cash transactions.

We also have a 5 star food rating and Level 3 food hygiene 


Any new business should be looking at the environment when they plan their growth, we wanted to change from the norm and with this in mind, we started with using LPG which is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels around and this will greatly reduce our business’s carbon footprint as we only use LPG for our electric and cooking requirements.

We partnered up with a waste disposal team who are dedicated to recycling 100% of food waste, using a process called Anaerobic Digestion we reduce the harmful gasses, including Methane, produced by food waste. This simply means the food waste is put through a number of recycling processes until it can be used to generate power or alternatively is used as fertilizer.

None of our food waste collected goes to landfill, but instead helps the local community to produce electricity or benefits agricultural land in the area

Recycled food waste

Litter Picking & Waste Disposal

We are very conscious of leaving the site as if we were never there, we use an external company to dispose of our waste, recycling wherever possible and during the day our staff will keep the area clear of any rubbish with a final detailed clean up of the surrounding area. 

 We also have recycling bins on site and encourage everyone to help us recycle.

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