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Charity events we've covered

We have covered a variety of charity events, from schools trying to raise funds for playground upgrades through to heading over to Stannington, a 7 hour round trip, to give out free hot food and drinks when a water pipe blew taking out the areas Gas pipes, you can read more about that below.

We have also donated a percentage of our takings to charity events we’ve covered over the last year.

Charity event Stannington

On Wednesday 7th December we received a call from NCASS, asking if we were able to join the emergency call out catering team and if so, could we possibly get to Sheffield and serve hot food and drinks for a few days as they had a Gas outage and were struggling to find another vehicle at short notice closer to the area.

Even though Sheffield is a seven hour round trip we very quickly stocked our support vehicle with food and drinks and along with our catering vehicle we started the long journey.

Northern Powergrid wanted a number of catering vehicles spread out over the affected areas offering free hot food and drinks to all the residents affected, this may not seem like a big deal to some but many of the residents were feeling neglected and forgotten, they had no working ovens and the chance to grab some delicious gourmet burgers, chips and a drink was a reminder that they weren’t forgotten.

On Saturday, December 3, a burst water pipe in Stannington flooded into a gas main in the area. The leak was stopped, but the water left in the pipes left many without gas, leaving residents with no boilers, heating, or cooking’

Around 2,000 homes in Stannington and Malin Bridge, Sheffield, had been impacted by a large gas outage that left them without heating or hot water for over a week.

Sheffield City Council have since declared a ‘major incident’, saying the incident has progressed and spread further across the city. The council says it will be supporting affected residents as the weather gets colder.

On Monday, December 5, Cadent Gas issued an update saying more than 400,000 litres of water had been pumped out of the gas network, though there was still more. Hundreds of engineers have been on the site to help pump water out.

Cadent then warned residents in Stannington and Malin Bridge there was a risk of losing electricity supplies due to the network being overloaded. This sadly happened leaving many residents now without electricity, meaning the small electric fires they were heavily relying on to stay warm were now redundant.


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